Friday, 6 June 2014

The Causes Of Fibro Adenoma

Usually, the size of 1-2 cm, but can be increased in size.

And the presence of a block size greater than 5 cm are called fibro adenoma giant fibro adenoma complications adenoma fibrillation increases the risk of breast cancer, with some types of adenoma fibrous. Adenoma fibrous Simple fibro adenoma: more types of adenoma fibrous be of this type.

Characterized the kind that the cells are well-defined, systematic, and its specific aspects. This type of adenoma fibrillation does not increase the risk of breast cancer, especially when there is no family history of breast cancer. Adenoma fibrous complex fibro adenoma:

This type of adenoma fibrillation is characterized by boasts bags, inflated lobes of the breast, or a thick dark fabric which is called calcification. It does not turn into a cancerous breast tumor but increases the risk of breast cancer by 2.3 times more than any normal case is not considered a significant increase.

Diagnosis of adenoma fibrillation are diagnosed with fibro adenoma by: medical examination of the breast Clinical breast exam:

The doctor Breast scans to search for the presence of any block or any abnormal changes to the breast. Asks Ms. some questions, such as the first time I found out where this block, and whether changes in size during the menstrual cycle menstrual cycle, and is there any discharge from the nipple.

Mammogram (a mammogram) Mammography: an X-ray on the breast where it appears adenoma fibroid image block smooth, with aspects of the circular, and clear of the breast tissue surrounding it.

Considered rays mammogram of routine tests that must be on every lady to do from the age of 30 years. Ultrasound breast ultrasound: is echocardiograms on the breast, especially if Ms. Omar was less than 30 years as a result of a mammogram does not show clearly at this age.

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