Friday, 6 June 2014

Uterine Fibroids And Treatment

Fibroid is a uterine benign tumors composed of fibers infect the uterus and cervix. Differs in size and can be as small size of 1-2 mm, and may increase in size to fill the pelvic area.

Tumor resides and sometimes one either small or large, and sometimes we have other multiple tumors. , and an incidence of uterine fiber 30% of women. , and most cases do not appear any symptoms and do not need treatment.

And may be discovered by chance during a medical examination or an ultrasound of the uterus on the television. , and are resorting to treatment, whether medical or surgical only in cases that show the symptoms or cause any problems for the lady.

In rare cases, you need to treat an emergency in the event of a sudden and severe pain in the pelvic area. Causes fibroid arises from the muscle tissue of the uterus.

Starts a cell and then one grows up to be a mass of fibrous tissue. And doctors did not reach so far into the cause of fibroids, but there are some factors that are believed to play a role in the incidence of fibroid, and including: genetic factors.

Hormones: estrogen and progesterone stimulate the growth of the lining of the uterus to prepare for pregnancy. It is believed that they have a role in the growth of fibroids.

Symptom is uterine fiber in the following: severe bleeding during the menstrual cycle. Vaginal bleeding between menstrual cycles. Feeling pain and pressure in the pelvic area. Inability to control urine or frequent urination constipation.

Pain the back or leg. Sometimes fibroids pressing on nearby tissues, causing her pain and a high degree of heat.

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